Our Services

Wellborn Auto Service provides a wide range of services to keep your vehicle running smooth.
As your trusted VW & Audi Specicialists, we pride ourself in providing services for all makes and models.

Tune Up Services

Maintaining a vehicle costs a little. Repairing it can cost a lot. You can save money by preventing trouble before it happens with regular tune ups. At Wellborn Auto Service we will help keep your vehicle running at its best and keep it running longer.

We will;

  • Check that wiring is in good shape and that there are no loose connections
  • Check air, fuel and oil filters to help prevent overheating, stalling, and unnecessary engine wear
  • Check spark plugs to inspect for excessive wear and proper gapping

Sometimes it takes a mechanical inspection to discover that auto components are wearing out. If neglected, this can lead to inconvenient and expensive problems down the road. Tune ups ensure that minor issues are dealt with before they become major problems requiring costly repairs.

The Inspection

Wellborn Auto Service will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, including the following:

  • exhaust system
  • brakes
  • suspension
  • emission system
  • ignition timing
  • battery and charging system
  • spark plugs
  • belts and hoses
  • lights and turn signals
  • filters
  • radiator and coolant
  • tires (pressure and tread depth)
  • chassis, ball joints, control arms and constant-velocity (CV) boots
  • visual inspection of engine

Tune Up Services:

Some tune-up and regular maintenance services we provide are:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Electrical inspection
  • Engine Fluid Replacement
  • Engine inspection
  • Oil Changes
  • Sealing leaks
  • Spark plug replacement